Medicinal Cannabis Clinic

At Asquith Doctors we have specially trained GPs who can explore different methods of treating conditions such as chronic pain (especially neuropathic) and a range of other conditions.

Talk to our GPs about alternative pain control methods especially when other medications are not working for you.

Medicinal Cannabis is a high-quality legal product used widely by medical professionals to treat TGA-approved conditions such as; chronic pain (including cancer pain and neuropathic pain), arthritis, epilepsy/seizures, fibromyalgia, anxiety/depression and insomnia.


Step-1 - Consultation

Book a consultation with an authorised General Practitioner. Look for the link at the bottom of this page.

Step-2 - Assessment

The GP will assess your medical history, symptoms, and previous treatments. The GP's assessment of your symptoms, condition and tried treatment would determine whether you are a candidate for Medicinal Cannabis.

Step-3 - Treatment

After completion of the assessment, the GP may prescribe Medicinal Cannabis. The GP will discuss with you the usage and administration. As part of your treatment plan you will be required to attend regular follow ups to ensure that the medication is work for you. Your GP may also adjust the dose to your needs.

At present most research and evidence on medicinal cannabis come from 5 conditions – Multiple sclerosis, palliative care, epilepsy, nausea and vomiting and chronic pain. The current research in this area is often lacking however some conditions such as chronic pain show more promising evidence in pain-relief.  
Medicinal Cannabis would not be the first choice of treatment for any condition as other treatments would first be tried before any decision is made.
Medicinal Cannabis consultation fee is not covered by medicare. The cost is $200 which includes Medicinal Cannabis Consultation, Application fee and Telehealth follow up.

Medical Conditions Which May Qualify for Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis may be consumed orally through the use of oils and tinctures or through vaporising flower in a small, handheld device.

Oral consumption results in a slower onset but more sustained effect, while vaporizing flowers will take rapid effect with shorter lasting results, but with peak physiological and psychological effects.

As each patient is different, your doctor will tailor the frequency, dose and method of your medicine specifically for your needs using a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes specific to treating your condition.

Please understand that this appointment does not guarantee a medicinal cannabis prescription.

Make an appointment with our qualified GP.