Travel Clinic

We are dedicated to ensuring your travel experience is not only memorable but also free from health risks. Safeguard your health and explore the world with confidence.”

If you’re travelling overseas for work or a holiday, it’s a good idea to book in with your doctor 6 weeks prior to leaving for a pre-travel consultation.

Within this consultation you’ll:

  • Discuss the recommended Travel Vaccinations.
  • Get current travel advice and education
  • Organise any necessary medications such as malaria, schistosomiasis, travellers’ diarrhoea, jetlag, and allergies, among others.


Our doctors have a special interest in travel medicine and are well-trained to help manage all your travel medicine needs.

The Australian Government provides an updated summary of required vaccinations and health alerts on its website.

For your convenience, we keep most common travel vaccines for adults and children including:

Yellow Fever Accredited Centre

Asquith Doctors is a fully accredited Yellow fever vaccination center by NSW health. We always have the vaccination in stock and can issue you an official vaccination certificate on the spot after your vaccination.

When to get your Travel Vaccinations

If you plan to go traveling, it is recommended that you see a GP at least 6 weeks prior to your departure date. This will ensure that you have adequate time to obtain protection before you travel.

If you’re traveling last minute and don’t have time for vaccinations, it is still important to have a chat with your doctor. Travel medicine is not only about getting vaccinated. Good travel hygiene can help you minimize jet lag, and protect you against traveler’s diarrhea and infectious diseases like dengue fever, rabies, and malaria.

Your doctor can advise you on the best medications to take with you in case you get sick.

Talk to your GP about your Travel Plan

Your Milsons Point Medical Centre GP and nursing staff can provide you and your family with a comprehensive range of travel medicine services, including:

  • Appropriate vaccination
  • Advice on avoiding malaria and cholera
  • Advice on avoiding sexually transmitted diseases
  • Updates on traveling with medication
  • Medical advice for yourself and your family